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After two years postponement the 9th International Living Knowledge Conference will actually happen in 2022, under the title “New Synergies in Research with and for Communities: To meet, to learn, to collaborate” and we are very happy to announce that Step Change will be there

The 9th Living Knowledge Conference will take place in Groningen from June 29th to July 1st. Its aim is to bring together all those involved in doing or supporting research with and for communities. Over the years, a myriad of approaches have been developed to do collaborative research with and for communities. Different names, different (ideological) histories, and (sometimes slightly) different objectives may obscure what they all have in common: an urge to co-create and share new knowledge for an inclusive, equitable, healthy, and sustainable society.

The conference will be a meeting point to anybody who’s either interested in, supporting, facilitating, or doing community-driven, collaborative research. Participants will have the opportunity to talk about science shops, research shops, living labs, citizen science, public engagement, participatory action research, investigative journalism, community-based research, community service learning, user driven innovation and much more. Living Knowledge Conferences favour interaction over one-way presentations. There will be ample time for discussions, workshops, and dilemma sessions.

EUSEA will represent the Consortium and present a poster introducing the Step Change project and its five Citizen Science Initiatives (CSIs) in the fields of health, energy, and environment. It will also provide an overview of the methodology designed by the project to foster alignment of CSIs with local contexts, nurture mutual learning, and encourage self-reflection through the means of participatory evaluation exercises. The presentation will provide details about the CSIs but also about the horizontal activities of the project which have been designed to increase the relevance, inclusiveness, and sustainability of the initiatives. The presenter will engage in exchanges with LKC participants to disseminate project’s first results and inform about project’s methodology, but also to develop potential synergies with interested peers.

We are very much looking forward to meeting this warm ‘community of practice’ with old and new friends awaiting; to meet, to learn, to collaborate…., and to have fun!.

More information about the conference can be found here.