Hunters Association of Slovenia (HAS) is the main Slovene hunting organisation, counting almost 21,000 members. The NGO’s mission comprises the sustainable management of game species, education of hunters, and protection of the natural environment. In order to accomplish this multifaceted mission, HAS has developed a unique and comprehensive Hunting Information System (HIS). The purpose of this tool, a pioneer one at the European level, is storing national data on wildlife.

Despite collaboration of HAS with decision-makers and researchers is already in place, the real potential for different spatiotemporal analyses, as well as a comprehensive exploitation of these databases for scientific purposes has not been put to use yet.

STEP CHANGE will improve the capacity to produce evidence of wildlife presence in Slovenia by developing an experimental campaign involving beginners, such as outdoor enthusiasts, camera trappers and photographers, in data collection and by setting up a verification procedure.

An application for wildlife data collection will be developed as an easy tool for the involvement of non-professional citizens. The Citizen Science Initiative will harness the potential of Citizen Science to support evidence-based policymaking while contributing to raise awareness on biodiversity and conservation issues.

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    Supporting Institutions

    • Slovenian Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
    • Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
    • Hunters Association of Slovenia
    • Slovenia Forest Service
    • Environmental Protection College