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Perucca Iannitelli, Carla, Styles, Christopher, Iacolina, Laura, d’Andrea, Luciano, & Buzan, Elena. (2023). Step Change Policy Brief 1.

What can actors do to boost the tenant electricity model in Germany?

Infographic created by  Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) showing the results of three workshops with the citizen scientists involved in our tenant electricity initiative,  to identify potential starting points and actions that different actors in the tenant electricity system can take to drive the development of the model.

Attention! Do Not Approach “Abandoned” Roe Deer Fawns!

Infographic created by our partners from the University of Primorska to inform the public not to approach Roe Deer fawns which might appear to be abandoned. In fact, they have not, and their mothers are close by collecting food, but approaching them may put these fawns at great risk of predation or being rejected by their mothers.

Scientific Publications

Below are a selection of the Papers published through the Step Change Project

Accounting for cloud cover and circannual variation puts the effect of lunar phase on deer–vehicle collisions into perspective

Evaluating citizen science initiatives through a citizen science-based approach

D’Andrea, Luciano and Kalpazidou Schmidt, Evanthia and Bužan, Elena and Vidal Merino, Mariana and Dall, Elke and Colonnello, Claudia and Graversen, Ebbe K. and Cerri, Jacopo and Iacolina, Laura and Feudo, Fabio (2022)