Science Transformation in EuroPe
through Citizens involvement in HeAlth,
coNservation and enerGy rEsearch

About the project
Citizen Science Initiatives (CSIs)
European countries and Uganda
Supporting entities
Years, runs from March 2021 to February 2024
Million, funded by the European Commission

Citizen Science Initiatives

Wildlife Conservation

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Energy Communities

Infectious Disease Outbreak Preparedness

Off-Grid Renewable Energy in Agriculture

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National Competition for Biology Students in Slovenia- Hosted by our friends at UP FAMNIT

On March 18 2023, Step Change Project partners from the University of Primorska, alongside ZOTKS, …

Step Change Conversations- Democratisation and Socialisation of science -Past, Present and Future

Over the decades the way that society sees and interacts with the scientific community has…

Once upon a time… the power of storytelling in citizen science

In a world….. where we are all exposed to so many facts and figures, it…

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Agricultural technologies are often developed to match the needs of male farmers.

But to achieve sustainable, productive food systems, innovators must commit to making innovations and technologies that work for women too.

#agriculture #gender

“The green transition so far is a very #male transition. 72% of green #jobs are filled by men," says Kristine Langenbucher, @OECD Employment and #Skills Unit Head. How can we make a #green future a future for everyone?
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