During the implementation of the CSIs, a set of support actions will be designed to facilitate transdisciplinary work.

These actions will target the research teams of the CSIs and will consist of training and mutual learning. Different training formats will be produced, as well as a train-the-trainer program, while capacity building of citizen scientists and extended participants will be fostered. Mutual learning is also a key component of STEP CHANGE. The project, in fact, will feature a set of mutual learning activities, including mutual learning activities among the five CSIs but also among citizen scientists, and mutual learning activities involving the CSIs and other SwafS and Citizen Science projects.

These activities will be devoted to a better understanding of Citizen Science as a tool for the socialisation of scientific research and innovation when it comes to Health, Energy and Environment issues, but also with respect to trans-epistemic, societal and institutional anchorages of this practice. Hence, this component of the project will strengthen the CSI teams in transdisciplinary work and stakeholders’ engagement while developing a set of training activities specifically designed for the core team and involved citizen scientists.