In the final months of the project, a stocktaking exercise will be conducted to promote institutional agreement within the involved research organisations to ensure long-term support to Citizen Science, as well as to support a better institutional anchorage of this practice in the broader scientific community.

The stocktaking exercise will consist of a set of institutional stocktaking meetings, on-site internal meetings organised for each of the research organisations involved in the CSIs and whose outcome will be a portfolio of internal targeted recommendations for institutional anchorage of Citizen Science. The exercise will then produce joint Citizen Science research agendas focusing on emerging critical areas of research, to develop cross-disciplinary tools and strategies to investigate such areas.

Building on the outcomes of the project, the exercise will also produce a model of R&I socialisation through Citizen Science to be addressed to researchers, citizens, businesses and policymakers, and consisting of both analytic and operational components. Last but not least, a Citizen Science Navigator will be developed to support interested researchers in the development of citizen science initiatives. The Navigator will feature conceptual, methodological and practical aspects of citizen science, and will build on the results of STEP CHANGE as well as on tools already developed in the past.