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In our latest Step Change Conversation, we are joined by Prof Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Research Director at INSERM, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology, and Deputy Director of the Desbrest Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health at INSERM and the Montpellier University research unit, as well as being part of the Step Change Advisory Board.

Prof. Annesi-Maesano is a respiratory epidemiologist by training, initially educated in Physics (Rome) and Medicine (Paris), and serves in various leadership positions in numerous international medical societies (ERS, ATS, WAO, EAACI, Union) contributing to Position Papers and editorial boards of numerous medical journals and book series. Isabella has over 600 publications (including two books on Respiratory Epidemiology) totalling a h-index of 63 and 19000 citations.

In this interview, we talk about the research being done on how urbanisation drives the spread of diseases and the impacts of different socioeconomic factors on public health in different communities.