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Learning, exchanging, get inspired. The team at Step Change is excited to kick start the mutual learning activities, whose objective will be fostering a better understanding of Citizen Science as a tool for the socialisation of scientific research and innovation, with a specific focus not only on aspects related to Health, Energy and the Environment, but also trans-epistemic, societal and institutional anchorages of such practice.

The mutual learning activities, coordinated by the Centre for Social Innovation, will be based on an evaluation of current needs and the most recent lessons learnt in the implementation of the Citizen Science Initiatives (CSIs). They will adequately target both scientists and citizens, with the aim of creating common languages and work methods while promoting a just and effective communication between the teams. During the implementation of the Citizen Science Initiatives (CSIs), at least four mutual learning workshops will be organised and facilitated. These workshops will allow for an in-depth exchange about the lessons learnt during the implementation of the CSIs. More specifically, the first workshop will focus on mutual learning with respect to the recruiting of citizen scientists and the start of preparatory activities for the co-design of joint research agendas. The workshop which is scheduled for March 15 is based on reflections of the project partners and provides a space to share these reflections, success stories and obstacles and exchange with external guests on respective experiences. The event enables Step Change to draw joint conclusions and either adjust their next steps or formalise and deepen the understanding for future actions.

However, mutual learning activities will not only be limited to the CSIs. Step Change, in fact, will also encourage the dialogue between the CSIs and other citizen science and SwafS ecosystems and projects, in order to leverage the experience of already established and successful networks, facilitate exchanges, and build relevant synergies. Within this framework, a specific set of projects resonating with the topics dealt with by the CSIs are selected. The activities take several forms, and are conducted for example in synergy with the EU-Citizen.Science platform. This will lead to further mutual learning exchanges between individual CSIs and other external projects.